The following is a collection of Bright Eye addiction resources, articles and worksheets which you may
like to explore. You can use them to complement our sessions.

Alcoholism and Addiction Cognitive Worksheets

Cognitive Therapy for Alcohol Dependency – A detailed breakdown of the thought processes and habitual
patterns you may have which contribute to your alcohol problems.

Alcohol and Depression – People drink alcohol to cope with depression, but of course that makes it even worse.

Alcohol, Addiction and Stress – Stress is where most alcohol problems arise from, addictions are usually fuelled by the stress in people’s lives.

Alcohol causes emotional problems, and those emotional problems tend to make people drink more. Are you caught in the loop?

Challenging negative thoughts – Dealing with the sometimes negative things you say to yourself which make it harder to change.

Cravings beliefs test – What you believe about your
cravings will determine how strongly they affect you.

– Planning how to cope with cravings BEFORE they happen is therefore crucial.

to Change
– Simply weighing up the pros and cons of the changes you are making.

High risk situations – Work out the situations that are most likely to make you drink.

Self esteem test – How good do you feel about yourself?

SMART goals explained – It is essential that you set yourself some targets or goals in order to make changes.

Beliefs about drinking – Examine how your thoughts about your addiction
affect your decisions.

Cravings Again!

The consequences of your drinking – To maintain your motivation, it is necessary
to be totally honest about what your addiction has done to your life.

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The Latest Articles from our Blog

What causes Depression? – Different people get depressed for different reasons, here are just a few.

Social Anxiety Disorder – an explanation of the factors underlying social anxiety, and the things you can do to overcome it.

Do you need willpower to quit drinking? – what does willpower actually mean, what can you do to increase it?

Alcohol Consumption as Stress Management – many people drink as a way to handle stress, and yet it isn’t really that effective in the long term. Why is that short term effect so persuasive?

Self criticism causes depression – so you need to listen to those critical thoughts and try to change them.

Group Support for Alcohol Problems – our forum now provides an anonymous way to find help and advice about your drinking.

Cutting Down or Giving Up Drinking – different approaches to an alcohol problem: AA advocates giving up completely, but do you just need to cut down instead?

What type of drinker are you? – the Department of Health has identified nine different types.

Stages of Change in Alcoholism – what stage are you at in the cycle?

How to Cure a Hangover – everyone has their own favourite remedy, but not all of them are effective.

Beat alcoholism with positive thinking – negative thinking can destroy your motivation and leave you feeling depressed, so focus on the positive instead.

Is Alcoholism a Disease or just a Drink Problem? – If you see your drinking as a disease, then perhaps you’re not as likely to believe you can change.

Self Acceptance – is the key to feeling better about yourself, and hence being able to deal with some of your problems.

How to stay sober – while your friends and family are still drinking.

Talking about your alcohol cravings will help you beat them – pretending you’re not craving or trying to suppress it just makes it worse, you’ll probably end up drinking even more.

Is Drinking Disrupting your Work? Many people use alcohol to deal with the stress of their work, which often makes the situation even more stressful.

Free Alcoholic Support Forum – would you be interested in using a forum for alcoholics to get or offer support and advice from other people like yourself?

Has Alcohol Destroyed your Self Confidence? – people feel so guilty and worthless because of their drinking, sometimes drinking is the only time they feel confident.

Are you Drinking too Much? – too much alcohol for one person might be quite acceptable for someone else.

Lifestyle changes to solve alcoholism – your drinking is not separate from your life, it’s part of it. So making some changes to your lifestyle might help.

Alcohol makes depression worse, so drinking when you’re depressed is not the best solution.

Prevent a lapse becoming a relapse

Binge Drinking is a form of alcoholism too, just because you’re not drinking every day, it doesn’t mean you don’t need some help.

Alcohol and Abusive Relationships – co-dependence and alcoholism go hand-in-hand.

Help me to Quit Drinking – what are your options if you want to quit drinking?

The effects of alcoholism on children – How is your drinking affecting your family?

What is Cognitive Therapy? – an explanation of how counselling and cognitive therapy can help you.

Low Self Esteem – how negative beliefs about yourself can contribute to your addiction.

Am I an Alcoholic? – If you’re asking yourself this question, then you’ve probably got an alcohol problem.

Relapse Prevention – learn the techniques to prevent relapse.

Drugs, Alcohol and Anxiety – How your perceptions of events can cause anxiety, which you might be using alcohol or drugs to alleviate.

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – is it time for you to give up drinking completely? Here’s the first few things to consider.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Alternative – Do the 12 steps of AA or NA really work? The cognitive approach provides an effective alternative.

Kudzu as a treatment for alcoholism – a herbal supplement shown to reduce alcohol consumption.

The Addictive Personality – why have you developed such a problem with alcohol or drugs?

with alcohol cravings
– It can be very difficult to deal with the sometimes relentless
cravings, this is a key part of beating addiction.

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