Help for alcoholic expatsIt’s difficult enough getting help to deal with your alcohol problem via conventional counselling or therapy. As some of you may have discovered, waiting lists for NHS funded treatment are often many months, and if you’re not at ‘crisis level’, then you might not even qualify for help at all.

Consider then how difficult it can be to find help for an alcohol problem if you’re an expat living abroad. Quite often the only counselling available will not be in your first language, and you really have to be fluent in another language to communicate at a therapuetic level. For some reason expat communities do seem to include plenty of people who drink heavily, so that doesn’t make it any easier.

So if you’re an expat living overseas, and you need help with drinking too much, what can you do?

Well, that’s where we can help. Being able to access a native English speaking therapist or counsellor via an online video App like FaceTime or Skype allows expats to get support wherever they may be. The only limitation here is any time-zone difference, so if you’re in Europe or the Middle East, you’re fine. In fact in countries with a good mobile signal, you can even have the session on your phone.