are you drinking too much alcohol?Everyone seems to drink alcohol in our culture. Many seem to drink too much on occasion. But how much drinking is too much?

Many of our clients say – “Why can’t I be like other people? They seem to be able to drink without getting drunk all the time.”

Regular drinking is not necessarily a problem – in Mediterranean cultures families will usually have wine with dinner on most days. But they just have a glass or two. Few people in those countries see any problem with drinking like that.

The truth is, it varies from person to person – there’s no absolute level of alcohol consumption at which you have a problem.

Most people know if they’re drinking too much

… even before other people tell them. Basically if the negative consequences are more than the positive ones. But there are many signs to look out for –

  • if you’re looking forward to a drink more than the other things in your life,
  • if you’re often feeling depressed or guilty – like you need to hide how much you’re drinking from others, or even having a ‘secret’ drink when you can get away with it,
  • if you’ve ever noticed a pile of your empties and thought ‘wow, that’s getting big’,
  • if the following day, you can’t concentrate on what you need to, because you ‘just can’t face it today’ – (you’re too hungover),
  • if you’re finding it difficult to look people in the eye, because you think they might be judging you,
  • if you’re buying a bottle during the day, do you buy lots of groceries with it to hide the fact that you’re buying alcohol before lunchtime?
  • but one of the surest signs is this – if you’re hungover, and you start thinking ‘just one drink will take this hangover away’, then you’ve definitely got a problem.

What signs have you noticed that you’re drinking too much?