change your lifestyle to beat addictionQuite often, people trying to beat alcoholism will need to make some changes to their lifestyle as well as their drinking habits.

Your alcohol problems are not separate from the rest of your life, they are very much connected. So you might have to ask yourself – what needs improving in the rest of my life to help me beat this addiction?

You should perhaps take a look at how you tend to unwind, how you relax. How do you cope with stress?

Is alcohol your only way of de-stressing?

How do you tend to have fun in your life – does it always involve a bar or a bottle? Maybe you need to find some new ways to have fun?

Do you get enough exercise? (Government guidelines suggest 30 minutes daily rigorous exercise as a bare minimum) It’s one of the best ways to combat stress, feel good about yourself and release some of those natural happy chemicals (like serotonin) to prevent depression.

What about your diet – do you eat healthily, with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains? Or are you eating lots of sugar and fat? You are what you eat, nothing more, nothing less, and your brain and nervous system need plenty of essential nutrients if you’re going to keep your moods stable.

Are you getting enough opportunity to talk honestly about how you’re feeling, without being judged or ridiculed? Have you got enough supportive people in your life?

Do you have any sort of spiritual practice or beliefs? How do you remind yourself that you’re connected to the rest of the world, that you’re not isolated?

Above all, make sure you don’t tie yourself in knots by thinking you should do all these things, but you don’t so therefore you’re useless. Making yourself feel guilty won’t help at all. Motivating yourself is the key (and often the most difficult part).

What needs to change in your life, and how is that going to happen?
Set yourself some step-by-step goals to make sure you take action.