sober daysPublic Health England are today launching their ‘Drink Free Days’ campaign to encourage people to reduce their alcohol intake. It’s sometimes easier to have occasional sober days than trying to cut down the amount once you’ve started drinking.

Try to make a plan for when your regular sober days are going to be, that way they can be part of your routine. Maybe plan to do something slightly different on those nights instead, something not compatible with drinking.

If you currently drink every day, then start out with an achievable target of 1 or 2 drink free days. If you already have occasional sober days, then try adding a couple more. The point being, you might be more likely to achieve your goals if you don’t make then too ambitious initially. If you drink every day and suddenly expect yourself to stay sober Monday to Friday, you might find that difficult, and hence will feel disappointed in yourself.

There’s an NHS phone App to help you monitor your progress, available here.