drinking alcohol coronavirusThese are worrying times for us all, full of uncertainty and dread. Where will this end, and who might we lose along the way, and what awaits us on the other side? So many unanswerable questions.

Most of us find such uncertainty uncomfortable, and anxiety inducing. So we may look for an escape in alcohol. Many people are drinking more because of covid. This need not be a sign that you’re developing an addiction of course, however, you might well be concerned about your alcohol consumption. Especially as we all need our immune systems to be healthy right now. And alcohol will directly reduce the health of your immune system, so you’re right to be concerned.

On top of the need to escape from worry and anxiety, you’re probably feeling trapped in your own home, perhaps with family members who are also getting ‘cabin fever’ – bored teenagers particularly. This becomes an extra need to escape, to get a holiday at home via alcohol.

What you might need is to get out away from the pressure of home, somewhere you can temporarily be soothed without resorting to drinking more. Nature and open spaces are a perfect choice, so if you have access to that then it would seem the obvious choice. If you’re in a city and such green space is not so easily accessed, then maybe setting aside some time for yourself in the house could work? Agreeing with other family members that you’re each allowed some time in your room when you are NOT to be disturbed.

There are no easy answers here, but at least if your shops and stores are anything like ours right now, there might not be much alcohol on the shelves anyway.