help quit drinking alcoholThere are many ways to quit drinking

  • you can check-in to a rehab if you’ve got the time,
  • you can try taking ‘Antabuse‘ (which will make you feel very ill if you drink any alcohol),
  • you could go to AA meetings to meet people with similar problems and do the 12 steps (but do you believe in a higher power?),
  • you could get a gym membership and spend every evening working out to distract yourself (not going to happen, right?),
  • you might want to try Kudzu (a herbal supplement which helps you cut down how much alcohol you want to drink),
  • best of all though, you can try the most convenient help available – online one-to-one therapy.

Online therapy will help you to quit drinking by encouraging you to change some aspects of your lifestyle, by getting you to look at the emotional and cognitive aspects of your habit, helping you to deal with anxiety or stress a bit better and by giving you some easy, practical tips to cut down the amount of alcohol you drink on a daily basis. It is probably the best option for those who are abusing alcohol, but who are not dependent alcoholics. (see: Am I an alcoholic?)

To quit drinking you first have to ask the question – “WHY am I drinking so much?” Our therapy service will help you to answer that.