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by weldmast
13 Jun 2013 22:23
Forum: Relapsing
Topic: Are you drinking now ?
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Re: Are you drinking now ?

Not now. Not since Y2K. 13 years woohoo! All I can say is, if you are genuinely attempting to stop, stick at it. The pain and cravings are a short time compared to the rest of your life. What I found helped was occupation. Keep your mind occupied, and physically too if you can. If you brood on it an...
by weldmast
10 Jun 2013 17:53
Forum: Relapsing
Topic: how much did you drink......
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Re: how much did you drink......

i found i was drinkingo a day wit a bottle of wine a night and on weekends maybe even 2 bottles,,,ide go the odd day very odd day without and then celebrate the next my confession is ide have 2 much.... For me it was 4 bottles of scotch a week, 24 Tennents Super, 1 - 2 bottles port. Som...