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by JosephusRivero
24 Dec 2016 00:08
Forum: Physical and Mental Health
Topic: Withdrawal / Kindling
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Re: Withdrawal / Kindling

Hi fellow alcoholics. I'm nearly 3 days without a drink. I've been awake for most of that time, my eyeballs look like road maps. I spent most of last night pacing up and down the room. When I do sleep I get cold sweats and this weird pressure in my feet. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed tonight but It...
by JosephusRivero
22 Dec 2016 22:09
Forum: General Recovery
Topic: SOS - Post here if you need help (No General Chat Please)
Replies: 11677
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Re: SOS - Post here if you need help (No General Chat Please)

Hi fellow alcoholics. I never ask for help, i don't know why, shame maybe. I'm at the bottom of a deep hole right now, I've been digging it for 12 years on and off. I'm trying to stop digging. I feel totally helpless. I don't know who to go to for help. I feel totally desolate. I have problems all t...