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by Sunshinespirit
28 Aug 2008 13:30
Forum: Physical and Mental Health
Topic: The Odd Question....
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Empty Nest

The time has arrived for my daughter who is 19 years old to fly the nest. My beautiful daughter is going away to University on Sunday for three years. I know she'll be home again at christmas and on holidays but my heart aches. I am so proud of her yet selfishly, secretly, wish she'd decided to stud...
by Sunshinespirit
21 Aug 2008 16:00
Forum: Physical and Mental Health
Topic: Liver Disease and Tests
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Re: Liver function tests.

At the hospital where I work they call it alcohol dependence and have completely eliminated the word alcoholic, as it is deemed negative. Many UK hospitals have now dumped the 'disease' label too in a bid to educate people that they do indeed have a choice. Addiction can be overcome, disease as a ru...
by Sunshinespirit
21 Aug 2008 11:11
Forum: General Recovery
Topic: OLD new members introductions - (on the last page)
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Hi I'm new :) I'm 39 and began my drinking career aged 19. I can honestly say with the exception of pregnancy my drinking has consistently been a nightmare. I tried AA (yes I thought it was the only thing available at the time) for 6 years and felt seriously brainwashed. They smashed my self confide...
by Sunshinespirit
21 Aug 2008 10:56
Forum: Relapsing
Topic: I Can't Stop... Or Can I?
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Re: I can't stop.

I think people should do what works for them, whatever that might be. I went to AA for six years on and off, trying to 'get it' and felt entirely brainwashed at the end. I felt it was a religous cult and sought escape. The problem was that once their slogans and drink and die philosophy is ingrained...