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Re: Bright Eye's Birthday Page

Post by Mark. »

Happy birthday, Bright Eye!
\:)/ (::) \:)/ ;)? \:)/

Rebecca just reminded me on the Hop thread that today is this forum's 13th birthday!

How far out is that?! :shock: :D

So I thought I'd dig out this old thread to commemorate the event, to thank Tobin for creating and maintaining the site (his baby) for so long, to thank the original pioneering members, and to thank everyone here today for making BE such a special and life-changing place to be!

Here's to many more BE birthdays in the years ahead! <:)>

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Re: Bright Eye's Birthday Page

Post by Topcat »

Thanks for this wonderful site Tobin. It was certainly a lifeline to me. Can't thank you enough <:)> \:)/ (::)
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Re: Bright Eye's Birthday Page

Post by free flow »

Tip of the hat to Tobin for a wonderful and timely blog. It has made a huge difference for me and a lot of others ;)?
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Re: Bright Eye's Birthday Page

Post by Luna_ »

Thank you so much from me too.
On the 11th Feb I will have been on here for 10 years (As Faith2be - whsh I could merge my accounts, but it doesn't really matter).

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Re: Bright Eye's Birthday Page

Post by Cowboy »

Thanks for creating this virtual sanctuary Tobin.
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Re: Bright Eye's Birthday Page

Post by Shadowlad »

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Hope its not too belated to say Happy Birthday Bright Eye ;)?

And thank you Tobin for keeping the site going 13 Years !

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