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Posting a picture or displaying an avatar can be fun but they can only be a certain size, if the picture you want to post is too large you can shrink your picture easily with one of the online tools. Many members use this one called, it's easy to use and does the job.
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The blue arrow is where you choose the picture that you want to shrink, click on Browse and it will take you to a screen where you can find a picture that you have saved on your computer, click on that picture and it is chosen.

The green arrow is where you add the size you want it to be, click on the circle next to Custom to add a black dot and then add a size, avatars have a maximum of 150 pixels x 150 pixels, 98 KiB, so add the number 150 if it is an avatar, if it's a picture to post on a thread it's 500 pixels x 500 pixels, 256 KiB, so add 500 or less in the box, I usually go between 270 to 300 pixels in the custom box but find out what works for you.

The red arrow will resize the picture for you and it will be displayed in it's new size, simply right click on the picture and save it, it is now ready to use.


Once you have chosen and resized your avatar picture here's how to add it.
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Click on your own name and choose User control panel, click on Profile and then Edit avatar. Find the picture you want to use clicking Browse next to the green arrow, add that picture by clicking Submit next to the red arrow, job done.

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First click on Attachments next to the green arrow and then Add files next to the red arrow, then choose a picture saved on your computer from the menu screen, after clicking on the picture it will be ready to position in your post and the screen will now look like the picture below.
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The green arrow is the name of the picture file, the blue arrow is for deleting it if you made a mistake and the red arrow is for adding the picture to the post (place in line), first you have to choose where to put it in your post, click the mouse to make the cursor flash where you would like the picture to be in your post and then click Place in line, it will look like this until you preview or submit your post.

[attachment0]YOUR PICTURE NAME.jpg[/attachment]


You can simply copy the url or link address from the top of your browser screen and paste it like so, but if you would like to know how to do it like this,
a link to Brighteye, that's pretty easy too.
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First copy the url or link address, you can find this at the top of any website where the green arrow is, then click on the URL icon above the red arrow.

This will be displayed let's call them left box and right box from now on, in the left box you will need to place your cursor using either your mouse or arrow keys and add a = until it looks like this [url=] then paste the url or copied web address from your browser next to the = like this,

[url= ... /index.php]see how left box has just got bigger!

Now all that's left to do is type your chosen words in between left box and right box, these will be the blue words making the final link, the whole thing will look like this before preview or posting,

[url= ... /index.php]a link to Brighteye[/url ]


If you just want to quote a small piece or even just one word of a post this is how to do it.
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It's very similar to posting a link word, click on Quote above the red arrow and this will appear [quote][/quote] in the left box add the = until you get this [quote=] then next to it add the users name in speech marks like this [quote="John"] then between left box and right box type or paste the quote so it will look like this [quote="John"]I don't drink[/quote ] before you preview or post it.
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It's always a good idea to preview first before posting, you can also play around with all the different colours and font sizes in preview until you master using them, along with the tips here.


And finally everyone's worst nightmare, you have just spent hours writing your longest post ever only to lose it by accidentally making it all turn blue and deleting it before you get the chance to post it, it's happened to me many times but relax, don't worry, if it happens again just hold down Ctrl and press Z once, it will all reappear as if by magic.

If you have any other questions on posting not covered in FAQ just ask and we will see what we can do to help, if you have some good tips on posting please let us know too and we can add them to this page. ;)?

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