Animal Companions (aka Pets)

Specific emotional or mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, insomnia, confidence etc. Along with bodily health, exercise, nutrition.
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Re: Animal Companions (aka Pets)

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Thanks for that Luna. Hope all is well in your world and the renovations are going well.
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Re: Animal Companions (aka Pets)

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So sorry for your loss , CB .

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Re: Animal Companions (aka Pets)

Post by Mark. »

We're a collie family too, Cowboy, so I totally feel your loss. From the way that you can said goodbye to her, I can tell that you gave her a great life <:)>
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Re: Animal Companions (aka Pets)

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Cowboy wrote:
03 Oct 2020 13:13
Well yesterday it was time to say goodby to an old friend of over 12 years. A part of our lives that has moved on but will not be forgotten. I said goodbye and hugged her and said that I loved her and would never forget her. Then she was gone. No pain just a sedative and needle and then sleep and wherever these faithful friends of man go. She had a good life and I will remember walks and playing fetch but mostly I will remember one of the smartest dogs I have ever known. And crazy? You bet. If anybody ever wants a super, crazy, high maintenance dog get a Border Collie. I will be sad and I will miss her but I know in my heart she was in pain and is in a better place.
Oh Cowboy i only just read about your loss xx It is sad when we lose a beloved pet and there is something so special about Border Collies. I have one as you know and am not looking forward to the day he leaves us but it is inevitable and i shall treasure the memories as your are doing. Yes, a loyal, faithful and intelligent friend/family member. Bless your lovely collie, much love to you and your family <:)> xxx
Luna_ wrote:
29 Jul 2020 08:38
Hi Nicky and all animal-people, hope you're all well and for those who recently lost a friend - one of these

I'm very sad today - our old dog has symptoms of kidney failure and has to go to the vets this afternoon. I suspect it will be a one way trip

My kids are devastated, he has been around as long as they can remember. He is 15, and that's really at the max of the life-span of his breed so there really isn't anything to be done about it. But only last autumn we buried our cat (who lived to be 19...) - and it was the same with her - kidney failure. I now know the symptoms better and want to act before he is really suffering (I suspect I waited too long with the cat but I didn't understand the connection between limb weakness/legs sort of bending the wrong way) and kidneys. I thought she'd been run over at first..

I think in dog's case, it was triggered by the spell of very hot weather - and then he couldn't keep up with drinking enough fluids. He lives outside in one of these husky houses, and for a while now hasn't managed to jump up and hang out on the roof as they like to do. He can't go for long walks anymore and can't handle rough terrain, all of which have been his life. So - I've been imagining him as a pensioner (he has a good working life behind him), sitting in his rocking chair, surveying everything around him (and complaining about everyone - he's taken to barking when he wants something or if people pass on bikes). I imagine him thumping his cane on the floor to get a carer to come... But still, I have imagined he likes just hanging out, reminiscing. Last year though, when we got the sledge out (for the younger dog) - whereas he used to go bananas at the thought of a nice long trip - he took one look at it and disappeared into his house, without a sound.

I think his time is up, but the thought of him not being here to greet me every time I walk out or in the door fills me with grief. I've had him since the time I joined BE - early 2011 (my ex moved in with him - and left in early 2016 without him). The dog has never really forgiven my ex for leaving - he is very much a one-man dog - he is friendly and loves us and all that, but he doesn't respect me or work in harmony with me as he did with ex - that's utter loyalty for you and I respect the old dog for that. Devoting his heart to one person and never forgetting.

In all this I'm glad sobriety is measured in weeks these days, instead of day(s) and that I have had enough of it now to be able to bat off cravings and accept that all situations are better off without alcohol sloshing around in my system. I bumped into a couple the other day in the mountains, leaning on rocks and nursing a beer each. I got this pang - but then, one beer just doesn't do it, so I really now prefer just to stick my head into a stream and enjoy the fresh-tasting clean water.
Hello Luna i'm sorry i did not see this as i only pop into BE every few weeks these days. Not intentional, its just how things seemed to have moved on but i still think of you all xxx I'm very sorry for your loss and am sending lots of love and good wishes xxx <:)>
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Re: Animal Companions (aka Pets)

Post by Alizarin »

Happypumpkin wrote:
14 Jan 2022 22:05
Alizarin wrote:
14 Jan 2022 17:57
Pup is really good - just not quite got the recall we need to go off lead so ordering a long one and any training tips gratefully received!
What breed is he Alizarin? I can't help with training humans not to drink but I'm pretty good with dogs :lol: If you can consistently get him to come back when called in the garden then you have a pretty good base for him to return when out. A long line is a good idea until you are absolutely sure that he will come back 100%. Also, you can make a game of his recall by randomly hiding from him on walks, calling & get him to find you or if he goes too far ahead, turn around & start running away from him.... He will follow :lol: You will find that he stays closer to keep an eye on you, rather than the other way around x
Thanks Happy, hiding from him worked a treat, he was very attentive to me after that. He's a Rottweiler and HUGE so I want to be sure we can be social and active without his size frightening people. He is 100% harmless but looks very scary.

We are learning "heel" and "break" on walks at the moment and sit, down and come around the house and garden. When people or dogs approach we are doing sit and pay attention to me which he now obeys every time. He can then "break" and go meet the person or dog if I think they are friendly! He has been allowed to lead walks previously so we are working on undoing that and him understanding that I lead. I look like a nutter darting off in all different directions while we walk but its working and he's settling in to walking next to me waiting for cues to the direction we are going.
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