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Weird Dreams

Specific emotional or mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, insomnia, confidence etc. Along with bodily health, exercise, nutrition.
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Re: Weird Dreams

Post by Mark. » 20 Dec 2019 10:59

That is a weird dream, Lushie! :shock: I hope you slept better, last night! <:)>
Winkler wrote:
07 Dec 2019 07:55
So I think it’s about a taking stock of your life kind of dream , where you are right now and your relationship. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of the upcoming election that’s sparked it off or maybe there’s other stuff going in for you that might have triggered it?
HUGE apologies, Winkler! I stupidly missed your reply until now, but I loved all your comments and I think you were pretty bang on the nail about it, thanks, which leaves me much to think about! ;)? <:)>

I love Roland, Wilson (::)
"Addiction doesn’t go away when we stop drinking." ~ Tai

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