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Re: The To Do List

Posted: 22 Jul 2021 09:24
by Rachel

I see that today is the 10th anniversary of me being on BE!

to do
ring mother's GP? I feel inclined not to. I had an abrupt call yesterday, no introductions just "t'doctor's lowered your mum's xxxxxx and she needs a blood test next week. Can you ring back tomorrow to find out when.'" Ok that's just Sheffield for you. But given it takes forever to get through and if it's next week she'll be there anyway, and they have the key safe code, and even if she knows when they are going she will forget, so... (Do I need to know when and if I do why can't they ring me again?) I have spend several hours on the phone to her bank this week, so am a bit fed up with spending my time on phone hold.
move stuff from greenhouse site in preparation for its intended construction tomorrow. Feeling rather anxious about this, not surprisingly.
cook something with tofu that's been marinating in the fridge for a few days. I hope it's still ok as it's not exactly swimming in the marinade.
It would be quite nice to sit out in the sun at some point. I have been mostly indoors all week. It's going to be cooling down from tomorrow but still a good summer temperature for the UK at least. Rain at the weekend. Typical, huh?!

I hope everyone has a good day.

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 22 Jul 2021 12:21
by Luna_
Hi all
Mark, Rachel, Pickles, Danny and all others.
Especially Pickles - with the current situation, mourning days and overall tragedy.

It's a national mourning day here too - 10 years 77 people (most of which were teenagers) lost their lives to a stupid deranged and left-wing homicidal maniac.

:( <:)>

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 22 Jul 2021 13:10
by pickles
Thanks Action and Luna <:)>

I remember that happening, Luna. I was with my daughter in France at the time and it came on the news , we were all shocked that it could happen to such young children. So sad . Thinking of your country today <:)>

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 22 Jul 2021 14:37
by Luna_
Sorry Rachel, I didn't mean to dismiss your post <:)>
Hope your cooking goes well - and that you get some stuff sorted re your mum..

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 23 Jul 2021 09:28
by Rachel
It's G(reenhouse) day :o

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 23 Jul 2021 15:15
by pickles
Fabulous! How did it go ?

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 23 Jul 2021 19:33
by Rachel
It's up!

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 24 Jul 2021 03:57
by free flow
Pardon me for butting in, but having watched the past few months, I really, really hope it all went well with your greenhouse, Rachael ;)?

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 24 Jul 2021 09:21
by Rachel
Aw thanks, Freeflow.

Here it is. Ok it's just a greenhouse but it was beginning to feel like the holy grail!

IMG_8658.JPG (93.19 KiB) Viewed 410 times
I need to shift those paving slabs to the right! Hopefully they are not concrete in.

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 24 Jul 2021 18:23
by Action
Wow, it looks amazing Rachel. You must be so relieved it’s finally in place.
Now all you’ve got to do is fill it! ;)

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 25 Jul 2021 09:49
by Rachel
Yes, I suppose that can be my 9th soberversary present to self, given when it was put up. Bit of a big one, though...

It's forecast to be 27 tomorrow, I probably ought to take the couple of tomato and aubergine plants out of the greenhouse as I've not worked out shading and heat yet. It has two roof windows that open automatically when it gets very hot inside, but it might (ironically?) need some shading.

I really must be solar powered though. No sun yesterday - dark and wet - and the same right now and I've had no energy and feel very low in mood. I am torn between a to do list and a do nothing approach. Friday was very stressful...
I bought some pea seedlings yesterday. I should probably plant those up at least. In a bit pot, I think. I am wondering if there is any way to protect them from mildew. That's the problem with buying plants - they rarely sell disease resistant ones. My garden seems to be rife with diseases. I think mosaic virus on my borlotti beans and also on my dahlias (dahlias are flowering but will probably not flower for as long as they would otherwise... then I will have to throw the tubers away :( Not sure about the beans. They are not really flowering so I may get no beans. It's not hit the French beans (yet) so I am getting some beans to eat.) Mildew have killed my sweet peas (I need to dispose of.) I have a suspected blight case on one tomato plant (thank fully most of my plants are blight resistant.)

to do (over the next day or two): put fat balls out for birds (should do today really.)
cut back wisteria a bit (it's obscuring my view of the birds and reaching over onto the patio too much
maybe see if I can move bench on patio to create more space
move some tomatoes into a better spot (more sun, fewer snails) with husband's help - will be tricky as will have to move 4 in one go - they are on tank of water and can't easily be extracted and moved individually

It's been quiet on here. I hope people are ok.

Here's a rudbeckia pic for some ersatz sunshine.
51309402081_126f5c0bca_c.jpg (83.78 KiB) Viewed 383 times

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 25 Jul 2021 13:10
by Luna_
Lovely, Rachel - and congratulations with the greenhouse - it looks lovely :)

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 26 Jul 2021 06:29
by DannyD
It looks lovely. I hope you'll get years of enjoyment from the greenhouse Rachel. Spring freesias, earlier crops, later crops, watering problems when you go away.....

To do
Walk dog \/
Contact vicar (do I really want to get back to playing the organ every Sunday?) \/ sent him messages and emails
Phone surgery now my hospital prescribed drugs are coming to an end. The GP follow up has been appalling. \/ 50 minutes on the phone
Return an online purchase
Take bottles to a bank (since elder daughter visited). \/
Maybe a spot of gardening.
Hang out washing \/
Push around a shark.

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 26 Jul 2021 11:04
by pickles
Lovely Rachel ;)?

My tomatoes aren’t showing any colour. I’ve just had one red tomato. I looked up that you can put banana skins near them ? I’ve also cut bits and bobs back . Nice to see some more peppers coming through though .

Hello to doers !

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 26 Jul 2021 19:18
by Rachel
Pickles, there is a page about gasses emitted by certain fruit that ripen others in the Food book I co-wrote :)

Usually once you get one or two the rest will follow. I don't have any sweet peppers. I think the ones I grew from seed didn't come up. I bought some plants but they arrived very late so still small and not flowering yet. There is still time though. (And a Danny points out I can put them in my greenhouse.)
I picked my first aubergine yesterday.

I have been really busy today. Worked solidly for 9 hours proof reading then made gooseberry fool from gooseberries from the garden, then moved some stuff around on the patio (retired mildew afflicted sweet peas...) potted on four courgettes and an echinacea. (The latter don't thrive in the ground in this garden.) I noticed my lovely calendula are now getting mildew :evil: I might spray them. I have some organic stuff.
I ought to plant put the peas... tomorrow? I am shattered. Was up till the early hours waiting for Imodium to kick in :?

I think we had enough rain yesterday for me not to need to water anything other than tomatoes...

I should make myself some dinner, but don't know what. I feel I should make some sort of carby salad at some point - couscous, roast veg kind of thing but not much room in the fridge at the mo.

Are you feeling any better, Danny?

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 08 Aug 2021 12:51
by Action
Hi everyone..
Sorry for being awol. Life has been hectic.
Just touching base...
At sisters at moment, back tomorrow so will catch up when I get back home.
Hope all is good with you. <:)>

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 13 Aug 2021 10:35
by Action
Crikey, it’s very quiet here. I hope everyone is okay. Life is certainly challenging for most of us at the moment isn’t it.

How is everyone’s garden? I’ve had a lot of rain here, with just a couple of dry days of late! Everything is lush but, like you Rachel, I think I’m solar powered and miss the sun when it’s not about…my batteries need recharging!

I had a busy weekend. Went to see my sister in Wiltshire. It was good to get away, as my brother is still with me and probably for a few more weeks yet, and it’s challenging. He needs support and also works unsociable hours so when I’m about to climb into bed he arrives back from his shift. :roll: wanting a beer and a ‘smoke’. Also my partner is still messing about with his meds, which doesn’t make for a happy me. I had a good chat with my sister about the family and what I’m going through and she was very good and listened, offering support if I need it. It was a relief not to feel alone in all of this. I sometimes wonder how on earth I got myself into this position but it’s not hard to work out that I’ve not made good choices or managed my life too well in the past through drinking. In another week I’ll be 11 months sober and I certainly have more clarity about things…building strength to make changes and stand up for myself and my values, rather than bury my head in the sand and use useless coping mechanisms.

How is your mum Rachel? Have there been any developments? Are you still able to work from home for the time being?

Danny, how did you get on with the vicar? Have you got your Sunday slot playing the organ. Hope you enjoyed your daughters visit.

Luna - what project are you working on at the moment? You haven’t mentioned your difficult neighbour for a bit. Have things settled down?

Pickles…how’s your daughter? And your woofs?

My missy has been a bit funny with me lately. It’s quite difficult for her at home because my brother is a bit unpredictable and she’s witness him lose his temper in the past. :cry: also She’s reluctant for me to touch her at the moment. I was just stroking her a few days ago and she squealed in pain…it was weird and although there appears to be nothing wrong (she doesn’t appear to be in any pain now) she thinks I hurt her! :cry: Not sure how to deal with it to be honest … we’ve always been so close and she’s always been so cuddly. I hoping time will heal and she will realise I don’t want to hurt her.

Just brought a book called Habits of a Happy Brain. It suggests that I can retrain my brain to boost my Seratonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and Endorphine levels. Watch this space!

To Do:
Walk missy
Water house plants
Get in touch with friend to organise meet up
Write garden plan … so much to do and have a tip run Sunday
Speak to mum about carpet moths (friend has trouble and mum had some years ago)
Clean bathroom
Maybe start sorting out study

I want to start writing and creating again!

Have a good day everyone! <:)>

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 13 Aug 2021 19:51
by pickles
Hi Action, sorry I’ve been just looking in every so often,and then too tired to go into posts really . I hope Missy is ok this evening. Yes, dogs do feel things don’t they . My daughter had a meltdown last Sunday and junior went to his bed shaking. I saw this as she closed up to him, I took him and put him on his other favourite spot, the sofa. I know usually you shouldn’t do this but thankfully he is so docile ,and I couldn’t predict daughter’s meltdown . Anyway she did calm and she sat not too far from the three . They were ok.

Yes, they are fine apart from that. Older dog will need an operation on her teeth soon. I took her to the specialist who says she is confident that all will be well ( hmm, I heard this before) . But it’s a very caring vet clinic and they took her blood,etc. Apparently everything of a puppy . So we must be doing something right ;)?

I’m doing some volunteer work at the shelter,so that’s been rather busy as it’s holiday and people have been away ,so I offered more mornings/ afternoons. Daughter has been going to her clinic ,and next week they are going on a day trip although I’ve been asked to bring her,instead of her going on the bus . Hmm.

OH is seeing his mum this weekend. It’s amazing how she has recovered,but still no taste and smell. But at least most of her personality is back, although she misses her husband.

Wiltshire is lovely isn’t it .I used to live round there and school .

Well, odd weather but the plants are doing nicely in our old pond that I made into a mini garden ,thanks to the neighbours who needed to get rid of their soil . Have some sunflowers too this year . The bees have been busy .

Hope everyone else is well, and come September we will be on here from time to time ;)?

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 15 Aug 2021 08:52
by Rachel

Sorry this are so stressful for you Action. Poor Missy. And you. that must be heartwrenching. Our pets are such a source of comfort.

Well done you on nearly 11 months which is nearly a year! You have done so well.

It sounds like you are very busy with various things, Pickles. I hope the trip next week goes well.

My mother is ok, thanks, Action. Bouts or paranoia - things going missing and her jumping to improbable conclusions. (Theft) It's a funny thing this dementia. Usually she seems quite rational but one thing it's affected is her ability to assess the likelihood of things. Things that to the rest of us seem highly unlikely (carers stealing (just) the insides of her magazine, then bringing it back - out of guilt - me having a green dog...) seem just as possible to her as more reasonable explanations. She comes up with reasons for how and why these things might be the case, but of course that doesn't make them more probable.

I am finding things very difficult at the moment (numerous reasons). I feel like just retreating. There's not a lot I can do to make things better other than change my reaction to them which is not an easy thing to do.

Re: The To Do List

Posted: 19 Aug 2021 10:03
by Action
Morning Everyone.

Well, it’s another cloudy start…with a slight hint of sunshine. Hopefully that means it’s going to brighten up a bit.

How did your husbands visit to his mums go at the weekend Pickles? Good to hear that she is feeling better…I do hope her senses return to normal soon. It must be very rewarding working at the shelter. Is it voluntary or it is a paid role? I used to volunteer at a RSPCA centre many many years ago as a teenager. Poo picker upper was my main role if I remember right, although I got to spend a lot of time with the various animals which was the whole point of going. :D Has your daughter been on her day trip yet? Did she enjoy it?

Rachel, I’m so sorry to hear that you feel a bit overwhelmed. <:)> I do hope that at some point you can look back at some of the things your mum comes up with and laugh. I am sure it’s a bit too close for comfort at the moment though. My mum comes out with some classic things. She manages with her mobile phone but she gets completely confused between text, email and WhatsApp messages. She has been dealing with a terribly painful hip/lower back for a bit and is now waiting for an MRI. I feel fortunate that she is still mentally strong enough to want to deal with things herself although it was tough and go a little bit a while ago, when I thought she’d given up on herself. :shock: I guess the one thing you can do is look after yourself. Do what you need to do to be kind to yourself. A day out - perhaps a trip to a nursery, a pamper day… what’s the old expression? “You can’t pour from an empty cup, look after yourself first”.

Well missy is feeling better. Right now she is playing with her morning biscuits and she has been much more her old self the last couple of days. I don’t know, maybe it’s something to do with my state of mind too…I know she picks up on my moods :?

Things to do:
Walk missy
Hearty brunch
Sort airing cupboard out
Declutter/tidy study
Odds and sods really.
Expecting a delivery of a carpet runner for my hallway. Since I had my bathroom done my laminate floor in the hallway has blistered slightly on a couple of joins (disheartening as it was only laid in March) so I have decided to protect it and cover it.

Been doing some thinking…ever since I can remember I have pushed myself to achieve something…degree, job, house improvements, etc and I never just ‘been present’ without that pressure I put on myself. Since having to withdraw from my MA and the restrictions of Covid and shielding I have been beating myself about not having a goal. I decided last night that it’s okay. I don’t have an immediate plan and I recognise that it’s my opportunity. I’m going to enjoy this breathing space without the need to prove myself in some way.

Right on that note, I better get going.
Have a good day everyone. <:)>