interacting with people who drink

Partners, families, children and friends - they all get affected by your drinking.
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Re: interacting with people who drink

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Shadowlad wrote:
24 Dec 2019 11:22
and maybe a bit of kissing on the back row no i did not write that ! ;)?
You brazen hussy you ;) :lol:
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Re: interacting with people who drink

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:lol: ;)?
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Re: interacting with people who drink

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Is anyone else thinking of strategies to get through the holidays interacting with those who drink? 🤔
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Re: interacting with people who drink

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Re: interacting with people who drink

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I think this is the best place to post this.

So recently I have been doing very well with not drinking and other stuff but a friend of mine, former friend actually has really upset me and I need to rant. So I met this new friend about six months ago, we spent a lot of time together, many people warned me about her but I would never listen and after today I really wish I did. I never listened because I've never been popular and was happy with someone taking an interest in me even though I could see some red flags which I chose to ignore, I was no longer feeling alone and I was becoming a part of a friendship circle through her, something I've always wanted.

So in the past we have partied a lot together and I've owed her money for the stuff we do, I've always paid on time and in full but today I couldn't. It turns out I have a debt in my account which I was unaware of and it meant I was not only left broke but couldn't pay her all of the money I owed, which was £280, I was able to pay her £180, to which I deeply apologized and made a promise I would try and sort the other £100 before Christmas as she instantly went on about being out of pocket for it now. She was having none of it and threatened to have me beaten up and also said that she hopes a friend of mine gets gang raped, this friend of mine has nothing what so ever to do with the money situation and even if she did what a thing to say.

What's upset me the most is that despite me seeing her few flaws prior to this I have been quite a good friend such as getting in food when she was hungry and had nothing, I've helped clean her house when she was too sick to do so herself, whenever she's been upset I've always gone around to see if she was okay, even if I was having a very bad day anxiety wise or depression I would still go around to her and all in all if I am to be honest I've spent triple the amount she has on booze and stuff when it's came to our partying so to the fact she was unable to not even give me a week to try and sort the remaining £100 pounds and has threatened to have me beaten up is ridiculous and shows she's not a friend at all.

More importantly the money I owe her which we got stuff with she had half of it with me, and although I agreed to pay for it all despite sharing half with her she's having me beaten up all because I can't sort out the rest within the next week, technically I've paid more than my share of what we took and I've told her multiple times I will pay for the rest as soon as I can, she's actually having a laugh! She should feel blessed that she will eventually get the rest after her shocking behavior.

I was beaten up not too long ago for no reason and it turns out it was her that set it up, to which she did for a laugh so yeah we were never friends I guess. And last of all I had a cancer scare recently, I've previously had bone cancer and I started getting bad leg pain which didn't feel like an injury at all so I got really worried and confined in her and then the following week she's going on about how she's found a lump to someone we both know mutually, I am now thinking did she just do that to get all the lime light back to herself??

Although I am doing well with my drinking I have this hanging over my head :/

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