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KIDS/FAMILIES - how do they feel about your drinking

Partners, families, children and friends - they all get affected by your drinking.
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Re: KIDS/FAMILIES - how do they feel about your drinking

Post by pickles » 11 May 2016 16:50

Yes it might do so cc . Around where I am ,a 'two doors ' down neighbour was / well still is looks out to who comes to our house . A couple of years ago I was walking dog, coming up to my first year on here sober, and he was gossiping with someone in another street . I overheard him say "that's ""Pickles"" ........ an alcoholic ' ..... :| . ( I went to The wobble Board about it ) .

I do wonder if he and another neighbour place bets each time I walk up and down the road ,or cycle, to see if I,m pie eyed or not .

If you are in a small village ,be prepared for gossip . It goes on where I am all the time ,not just about me though ,I can safely say these days .

Don't let it get to you too much Chris , <:)>
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Re: KIDS/FAMILIES - how do they feel about your drinking

Post by chriscole » 12 May 2016 06:46

Its horrible isnt it?
Made worse by the fact my daughter is a right motormouth!

Things with the wife blew up yesterday, one little argument & all her bottled up feelings come out , havent been sleeping,its all my fault ect..
As if i didnt know that

Sometimes i think it wouldve been better if we parted ways before the girls came along, save everybody heartache
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Re: KIDS/FAMILIES - how do they feel about your drinking

Post by mkj » 12 May 2016 17:42

Its a reality a lot of us have had to face up to. S services would put a child protection order in place if they think there is further danger. Children never forget these things,..there are enough of us on here that can vouch for that, even as adults.
The bottom line is blacking out is neglect , and throwing things is child abuse.
This has been going on for a long time now,..and some people aren't going to like me for saying this, but , there are two adults involved in this and one has to question why either think it right to keep subjecting children to this.
You've pushed the boundaries, talked the talk, it will take action now.
We are adult enough to bring kids into the world , that's the easy bit.
Take care

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