Therapy Terms & Conditions

Each therapist is obliged to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, and to comply with its recommendations for storing sensitive data, ensuring that safeguards are in place to keep this data secure, private and confidential. Total confidentiality will be maintained, subject only to the following exceptions:

  • Disclosures where the therapist believes serious harm may befall a child.
  • Disclosures that would leave the therapist liable to criminal court procedure if not disclosed (eg. threats of terrorism).
  • If you disclose that you are planning to take your own life (not simply thinking about it)

Action would only be taken with your prior knowledge and only to people who absolutely needed to know (e.g. your GP).

Your details are kept under 256-bit AES encryption. If you have concerns about confidentiality, please ask us for advice about this.

As an essential aspect of professional practice, all therapists receive supervision about their work, however no identifying details will ever be shared about you.