What type of Drinker are you?

different types of alcoholicThe Department of Health has released research where they have identified nine different types of person who drinks alcohol to excess (their definition of excess being double the recommended weekly amount or more).

It might be useful to see if you can recognise which type you are. The types they defined are –

  • Depressed drinker
  • De-stress drinker
  • Re-bonding drinker
  • Conformist drinker
  • Community drinker
  • Boredom drinker
  • Macho drinker
  • Hedonistic drinker
  • Borderline dependent

It’s a fairly comprehensive list, but if you’re not sure which category you might fit into, have a look at the list of criteria for each type of drinker on the BBC

Of course it would seem to suggest that people who drink fall into one type or another, whereas experience would suggest that the same person could be defined under many of the categories, depending on what is going on for them that day.

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  1. Chrissy says:

    I started drinking alcohol when I was 18years old and in university. That was around the same time the ladette culture and binge drinking was considered cool. I started off drinking small amounts. My tolerance was so low I felt drunk after 4 beers. Ah how I miss those days. I am 34 years old now. 16 years since I had my first alcoholic drink I am now contemplating giving up for good. Contemplating is not the right word. I fully intend to give up alcohol as of today. I have never really been choosy about what I drank. For the longest time I did not drink wine because it was too strong for me. I did not like the taste of it and I felt drunk after one glass. More than wine glass and I would vomit. However that changed over the last few years. When I moved to Birmingham and started living alone I started buying alcohol to drink at home. I once drank a whole bottle of wine in one night and promptly threw up. When I started my first nursing job I started doing what I had always sworn I would never do. Buy alcohol to drink in my house. I had always used this policy as a way of self regulation. Having grown up around alcoholics I always swore that I would avoid the same pitfalls. Well I can safely say that I have failed. These past 3 years, 2010 -2012 my drinking has become problematic. It started in 2009 when I was stealing benzodiazepines and codeine and sleeping tablets and mixing these with alcohol (in order to enhance the high). As good as this felt I started experiencing problems like drink driving and smashing my car wing mirror into another one and then driving off erratically. Then one day after a night of dancing and taking ecstasy and MDMA, I went home and Ttook a few diazepam and codeine and clonazepam. The next day I went to work and had to run to the emergency department for acute urinary retention. I was categorised for a few days. Felt very distressed and humiliated at being hospitalised for a condition caused by my own stupidity. I felt so ashamed by that episode but not enough to quit. I continued abusing random drugs, mainly popping prescription pills (clonazepam, lorazepam, diazepam, zopiclone, codeine), mixed with alcohol. Alcohol alone was no longer doing anything for me. Then I entered into a relationship. I introduced myself to him whilst carrying 4 large bottles of spirits. On our early dates together we both got so drunk we fell asleep in the car and I woke up with a very numb thumb. Whilst we were dating I used to drink in order to make out with him. I leaned on alcohol to keep things interesting, to keep me interested, to get through the making out sessions. I started using the pills to help me with social anxiety when meeting his family. I figured it would be less painful. My alcoholism, yes I am calling it alcoholism and misuse of prescription pilsss came to a he’d when I boarded a flight armed with prescription pills. I was drinking on the flight but it was the pills combined with a small amount of alcohol and the altitude which made me fall into a sleep so deep that I have no recollection of how I boarded the flight, what happened during the flight and how I got off it. The next I remember was when I was detained at a foreign airport, my belongings having been confiscated by the airport staff and having no means of contacting my family. Several things were stolen from me probably whilst I was asleep including a gold bracelet of sentimental value, my coat, some cash, and my suitcase was raided and clothes stolen. Several things came out this incident. The first being that my family found out about my alcoholism because the airline told them about my condition when I got detained at the airport. Secondly because it happened in one of the poorest countries in the world it still worries me that I left myself vulnerable to sexual abuse when I was intoxicated and unconscious. I have since had sexual health tests which have somewhat allayed my fears. Stolen property was the least of my worries. Also I was very lucky because if this had happened in the USA for example it is very likely that I would have been charged with a crime for being intoxicated on board a flight. I could have easily lost my job too. I used to enjoy the effect of mixing alcohol with sedatives, the deep sleep this induced. I am not really sure why I drink. It used to be that a pint or two made me feel tipsy and chatty I.e more sociable. I know now that the context is key. when i started drinking I used to drink only when going out for drinks with friends. We drank, gossiped, chit-chatted, ordered food, drank some more and danced then took taxis home. Drinking stopped being a fun factor and started becoming a problem for me when I drank because I felt depressed or stressed and couldnt cope with those feelings. I didn’t know that I was depressed of course. I just knew that something was missing, I couldn’t relax, I didn’t know what to do with myself in my time off from work, I had lost touch with friends. I know what I need to do in order to get my life back on track. As tempting as it is for me work is not the answer. I need routine. I need a cleaning schedule for my house. I need to start socialising outside of alcohol. Reconnect with old friends. I need to pay attention to my personal hygiene and personal grooming to increases my confidence. I need to start exercising to boost my confidence.

  2. Jo says:

    I love that saying one drink is not enough and a hundred is too much. The lack of control is maddening. Jo

  3. Ben says:

    have cut back substantially over the years……….and for that reason, i suppose i justified my drinking habits……i may drink three times a week, once a week, or once every two weeks………i don’t drink alone, although if someone is coming over, i may have a drink or two, before they arrive……..i love going to the Gym and i eat healthy most of the time……..i know intellectually that drinking is not healthy but again, i tell myself as long as i am healthy eighty percent of the time, it’s o.k to mess up, here and there……….what ever Gene’s are responsible for alcoholism, i have at least one of them………i am not really shy socially but feel much more comfortable in social situations if i am drinking……….and because of being a fairly big guy and becasue i have drank for so many years, i can tolerate a lot of beers………the downside of drinking is so crystal clear to me………i feel like crap the next day……..i get more talkative but sometimes will say things that i would not say sober………..my time with my children and grandchildren, is sometimes compromised because i am either hung over, or if drinking, i am not as attentive………drinking makes me much more comfortable around woman and in any social setting that has a group involved, especially strangers…….but on the day to day basis, talking to neighbours, going to the supermarket, etc. is totally o.k………..and the further away i am from my last drink, the better i am socially and my sleeping improves and my workouts have better results……….the old saying is soooo true for me………”one is not enough and a hundred is too many”………..all my friends are big drinkers and that is my social life at this time…….the only way i can make it long run, is to find another social circle……..i visit my friends at times, early in the morning because i know they will not be drinking……….that means i do not trust myself, to be around alcohol……….if i lived on an island, i would never drink……….i don’t ever crave it but i depend on it socially………..i hope this resonate’s with someone………no matter how often we all drink, if we cannot control it, we have a problem…………we either control alcohol, or it controls us………..no in-between……….good luck to all……….

  4. Sandy says:

    Yeah I hope finding this site will be the turning point for me. I’ve said so many times that I’m done with drinking, I don’t think anyone believe’s me anymore. I have way too much to loose if I don’t change my life now. I’ve got to make this time stick!

  5. Dan says:

    This site is great for getting it all off your chest! I don’t care whose reading it’s very threaputic for me! I love talking but nothing beats writing about things to really get a point accross. It can be hard to find a good listener but a good reader is far easier to grab and you get to say what you want without interupution or awkward moments.

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