alcoholic therapy

Are you regularly drinking too much alcohol?

If you’re struggling with an alcohol problem, but you don’t want to see someone face-to-face about it, then this could be the help you’re looking for – we are an online alcohol therapy service.

If you’re worried about your binge drinking, or you think you might be an alcoholic, then a few sessions with a professional therapist via FaceTime or Skype will help you to cut down or stop drinking.

Speaking to a therapist helps you to understand your problem with alcohol in depth; you discover what contributes to it and what maintains it. From there we can explore achievable solutions, set realistic goals, and begin to reduce your intake.

And here’s the guarantee: if you don’t feel that it helps you, then you don’t have to pay, it’s as simple as that.

Have you tried to cut down your drinking, but not been able to?

If you don’t like the idea of going to a clinic to talk about your difficulties, then having a therapy session at home via Skype or FaceTime will be more comfortable, it helps you feel more relaxed.

Research shows online therapy is an effective solution¹, where you will see results quickly, and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home.

At no point will you be judged – an alcohol problem is not something to be ashamed of.

You probably have some questions, so look at our FAQ about online therapy or read through some client testimonials.

“Having a very busy schedule, I found online therapy extremely convenient.”

“Thinking I was ‘beyond help’ and on the verge of losing everything, I would say that I have been helped immeasurably.”

“The help I received was very validating and non judgmental, for once I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed.”

“My therapist has been both deeply insightful and kind.”

Psychotherapy for Addiction

Online therapy can help you solve your alcohol problems.

Why not get involved with our support community by posting a comment about your own alcohol problems, and get some help from others on our free forum.

Or browse through our alcoholism blog, it’s full of the latest information, advice and views on problem drinking and mental health.

“The cognitive therapy that Bright Eye Counselling did with me over 5 sessions was much more productive than any counselling session I have had for 4 years.”

“My life is definitely much better, I am more confident than I have ever been, I live with way less anxiety and also have such a different attitude about that anxiety.”

“I think that in so many ways Bright Eye has helped with more than ‘just’ a drinking problem. It’s helped me look into the painful perceptions I had of myself.”

“Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and insight. You were the first person to have any impact on my drinking and I must have tried and failed hundreds of times. Every session had enormous value.”

“I’ve managed periods of sobriety for longer than I ever believed I would be capable of doing. I realise I can live my life without alcohol and that I can actually be more content without a drink in my hands.”

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You will then receive a personal assessment of your drinking and an outline of how we can help. From that you can decide if you want to book a session.

A one hour video therapy session is just – £49.95 / US$64.90

or commit to a package of four sessions for even less – £179.95 / US$233.80

Your first session is available at a reduced rate of only – £25.95 / US$33.75

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