Although drinking too much creates its own problems, it is often a reaction to other difficulties in your life.

People often drink as a way of dealing with aspects of their life that they’re not happy with. That could be anything – from feeling stressed or anxious, to being unhappy in a relationship, unhappy with yourself or just feeling bored, for example.

So in order to break your reliance on alcohol, therapy will explore some different ways of dealing with the difficult aspects of your life. We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) because it is highly effective in achieving successful change.

With the support of your therapist, you’ll feel yourself handling problems differently, and approaching alcohol with more control, not being dependent on it in order to cope, but coping better just as you are, without the consequences of heavy drinking making things even harder.

alcoholic therapy
online therapy

Live video is just an easier way of delivering therapy.

You make an appointment with your therapist as usual, but of course you don’t need to leave your home, you don’t need to drive to a clinic, find somewhere to park, then get back again.

Sessions are conducted via webcam, either on Skype or FaceTime, or you can choose an audio call if you prefer more anonymity. Each session lasts for an hour.

An audio recording of the session is available if you wish, allowing you to listen back to everything said by you and your therapist. From this you can clarify anything you’ve forgotten, which is an advantage over other therapy methods.

You can stay in regular contact with your therapist through our journal facility – where you can record your thoughts and feelings related to your drinking, which will help you to make changes.

To help you decide if online therapy is for you, we offer a discounted first session. Of course, if you’re not satisfied with any session, then we offer a full refund. If you’ve got any more queries about it, read our frequently asked questions.

“The therapist was knowledgeable in the field, able to question or challenge my thinking in direct but respectful ways I could understand and accept.”
“It was a relief to finally tell someone what I was going through and the fact that it was anonymous and I didn’t have to meet someone face to face made it so easy.”
“I was pleasantly surprised at how down to earth the therapist was. He was also very knowledgeable and professional, I felt immediately that he knew exactly what I was going through and really wanted to help.”
“Therapy had never been an option for me before, because I’m quite a secretive person who bottles things up and I find it difficult to open up. I can honestly say that Bright Eye was the perfect answer to me.”

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