“The counselling with my therapist has been – and still is – excellent . My  previous experience of trying to get away from a twenty year alchohol addiction was that of a six week rehab and AA – both methods I found broke me down even more than I felt broken . I am sure that rehab and AA has and will help many people . But for me, these approaches made me more despondent and feeling like a failure because I could not , without pretending, ‘ convert’ to those approaches . In my CBT sessions with Tobin there has been no rush to convert into a set of beliefs about yourself – or to follow a formula or set of rules. The key thing is finding out about yourself, who you are, how and why you think and feel – or don’t feel . How you value yourself – others, your actions, your self beliefs about past, present and future . And so you can – for your own self – find what alchohol does for you. For me it served a number of functions – so re thinking through all of these functions in therapy really helps to think through my thinking , my  former self beliefs .As well as the physical addiction ( which as you might know if reading this – can be a life time of carrying twenty forever open off licences or bottle shops on your back ) – the sessions help you identify times , situations, patterns, obsessive thoughts, distortion of thoughts – thinking about past history – or future perils (!) – but in a gentle, pragmatic and wholly supportive way. So in unpacking and thinking through all these patterns of thought that seem to ( without you knowing it ) control your actions – to drink, constantly do the same self destructive life behaviours – in unpacking all of these things, you get answers to why you drink – you start to accept yourself for who you are . “


“Hugely helped – not only with my drinking but with my whole view of my self and my beliefs about what I can and cannot do. The sessions have helped me challenge long-held beliefs about my confidence and my self-image. Crucially, the sessions have helped my view of my drinking: I’ve escaped the dreadful self-recrimination and feelings of hopelessness, and finally realised I could approach my drinking and my lack of confidence in a more positive way.

I’ve broken the drink-misery-drink cycle – and I never thought I could.”

“The fact that the sessions looked not just at my drinking but also the depression and low self-esteem that seemed to cloud all aspects of my life. Of course, these three things were all linked, and it seems that by unpicking some problems, other issues seem to have resolved themselves too. That’s not to say it’s been a walk in the park – I’ve had the chance to examine some of the (frankly laughable) excuses I’ve made for drinking, and some of the destructive drinking patterns I’ve long considered normal. I’ve gone from feeling my drinking could never be fixed and that I’d slowly drink myself to death, to a much healthier and happier life with drink as a small incidental. Thank you so much.”

Having had many years of psychotherapy, some hypnotherapy and AA, thinking I was ‘beyond help’ and on the verge of losing everything, I would say that I have been helped immeasurably. Skype is an excellent medium for this sort of therapy, especially for today’s busy lives.”

The help I received was very validating and non judgmental, for once I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed, CBT is definitely the ‘go to’ medicine for these difficulties and picking apart the dramas and triggers in your life in a short space of time comes naturally to Tobin.”

My first session has been an enormous help. It is not easy admitting problems and being entirely honest, however, my therapist handled our first session with great care and attention.”

This has been the best. I have seen many therapists over the years, but Tobin is top notch. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about doing it online, but I actually quite like it. The safer feeling is helpful–it allows things to sink in. Then receiving the recording is great.”

My therapist’s philosophy and overall manner are what made the difference. He broke things down into do-able pieces, was never judgemental, just realistic, and helped me set goals that were achievable which led to breaking this addiction. Also, he has a way of helping you see the positive things you have done or are doing and the progress you are making in this journey. Being made aware of my achievements went a long way for me because as an out-of-control drinker my self-esteem was pretty low and I didn’t find myself doing anything right. The little successes he helped me see led to bigger ones. Finally, the anonymity has been wonderful. I don’t think I ever would have had the courage to meet face-to-face with a therapist initially. I would do online therapy for any need in the future.”

I’m finding that I am more honest online than I usually am with counsellors. I’ve also made some key discoveries about myself and I’ve only had 2 sessions.”

 My therapist, Tobin, has been both deeply insightful and kind. The insights have helped me enormously to find out more about myself and the reasons behind my excessive drinking. With his support and the placing of clear boundaries I’ve been able to dramatically reduce my alcohol consumption and actually start drinking reasonably and sensibly. What the therapy has done has completely restructured my relationship with alcohol. I no longer see it as medication or a crutch but as something to be enjoyed occasionally in the appropriate circumstances.”

The sessions were brilliant, I was able to get to the core problems I was going through extremely quickly. The cognitive therapy that Bright Eye Counselling did with me over 5 sessions was much more productive than any counselling session I have had for 4 years. My life is definitely much better, I am more confident than I have ever been, I live with way less anxiety and also have such a different attitude about that anxiety. Thrilled!”

I think the service works brilliantly and I didn’t feel I was missing out by not seeing someone face-to-face. If anything, I felt this allowed me to express myself more freely. I was able to do each session at home, so in a comfortable environment, and at times that suited me. I was also able to put some lovely music in the background and this really inspired me as I talked about how I felt. The last important thing, apart from the really great and friendly therapist, was the journal, which I did write every day and which has helped me enormously.

I think that in so many ways Bright Eye has helped with more than ‘just’ a drinking problem. It’s helped me look into the painful perceptions I had of myself.”

A very sympathetic approach for my first session and I did feel that I was being understood which is important when you are going through a bad time.”

I think it is helpful to talk through these things with someone who is independent, rather than a friend or family member, as I found I could be honest”

“I thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and insight. You were the first person to have any impact on my drinking and I must have tried and failed hundreds of times. Looking back, every session had enormous value.”

“I have been helped enormously by Bright Eye. Tobin was non judgemental, and easy to talk to, as we worked towards the whole resolution of my alcoholism. Online therapy helped me be far more open than I would have been able to be if I was meeting someone face to face. Tobin was at times confrontational, even humorous, but always empathetic. I feel more able to deal with my alcohol problem now. Have managed periods of sobriety for longer than I ever believed I would be capable of doing. I am aiming for long term abstinence now. I realise I can live my life without alcohol and that I can actually be more content without a drink in my hands than I ever was when I was drinking.”

Actually, interestingly, the fact that it was not face to face was very helpful. Somehow, it gave me a chance to think things through without pressure.”

Ultimately its a trade-off between chatting online from my home and having to go somewhere and spend more time to converse more easily.”

The therapist was knowledgeable in the field, able to question or challenge my thinking in direct but respectful ways I could understand and accept.”

It’s been excellent for me. Bright Eye Counselling has clarified my issues regarding alcohol. Using it has helped me become sober and enjoy being sober.”

I like getting the transcript to listen to afterwards.”

Talking to Tobin at Brighteye has turned out to be one of the most liberating experiences of my life. He helped me enormously through his empathetic, kind & practical approach. He helped me realise that my drink problem was not some dark & hideous character-malfunction unique to me – rather- he led me to explore simple, manageable & hugely practical steps to manage my drinking. His approach is anonymous, safe, humane & life-changing…”

My therapist was very good at getting to the key issues quickly. Once these are identified, you can concentrate on them.”

I discovered Bright Eye at a time when I had spent many years drinking on a daily basis and felt that I had totally lost control. I knew I needed to do something but I didn’t know what. I was hoping that some kind of online counselling existed and was happy to find that it did. Initially, I forced myself to try it and I honestly was not looking forward to it, but by the end of the first session, I actually liked it! It was a relief to finally tell someone what I was going through and the fact I didn’t have to meet someone face to face made it so easy. I was pleasantly surprised at how down to earth the counsellor was. He was also very knowledgeable and professional, I felt immediately that he knew exactly what I was going through and really wanted to help.”

Everyone is different and the only way to discover what makes you tick is to talk about it and work through it. I am going through a period of abstinence now and I’m enjoying life and having the easiest time I’ve ever had staying sober. I’m happy and healthy now and I’m abstinent because I really want to be, not because I’m forcing myself. I think I would still be on the rollercoaster ride now if I had not stopped and talked to someone about what was going on and learned how to break the cycle. Anyone that is feeling hesitant, please don’t be, you really don’t have anything to lose and it will most likely help you. Many thanks to Bright Eye!”

I was becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of alcohol I was drinking and how this was impacting on my life.  I felt like I was in a hole and was struggling to get out.  I had tried sobriety but only managed one month; then I felt like a failure and started drinking more regularly again and beyond the recommended limit.  I felt like alcohol had control of me and any situation would see me reaching for the bottle.  If I was stressed with the kids, if my husband was going to be late in, if it was Friday.  I made up lots of excuses as to why it was acceptable for me to be drinking alcohol.  I was trying to escape uncomfortable feelings and find some comfort or just a change from normality.”

“However, I was not happy about how I would wake up feeling or that a substance could own me.  I would determine each day to be better and to win over the alcohol only to find myself justifying a drink again around teatime.”

I wanted to change this behaviour but felt at a loss as to how.  I was also scared to be confirmed as an alcoholic and told I could never drink again.  This made me drink more as I thought that it would be my last chance to have a glass.”

“After much soul searching, and overcoming my nerves, I contacted BrightEye.  I wrote them a long email about how I was feeling.  Within the day I had a response.  I had found a sympathetic and understanding ear.”

I had 4 sessions in total with a BrightEyes counsellor and it has been fantastic.  With my counsellors help and insight we found out what my triggers were and ways in which to deal with these.  It came to light that I don’t need to give up alcohol altogether.  Realistic goals were put in place.  I felt able to commit to 4 days off and 3 days on, with a view to taking this to 5 days off and 2 days on.  I have found this to be very manageable, and indeed this week, without even realising I was at 5 days off and 2 days on!  My counsellor helped me to stop the negative voice in my head and to stop beating myself up.  He helped me to see that what I was going through, and my feelings about alcohol, were not unusual.”

I would highly recommend BrightEye to anyone who feels they are struggling with an alcohol problem.  My BrightEye counsellor was non-judgemental and had empathy with what I was struggling with.  I feel so much more positive within myself and my relationship with alcohol.”

I initially came across Bright Eye towards the end of December last year while feeling extremely desperate and unable to know which way to turn.”

“Counselling had never been an option for me before, because I’m quite a secretive person who bottles things up and I find it difficult to open up. I can honestly say that Bright Eye was the perfect answer to me. It allowed me to remain completely anonymous, and yet talk through all the issues that contributed to me drinking too much.”

I had spent 6 months off work sick due to stress and depression, and I was drinking as a way of escaping from painful memories and dealing with worrying situations. The online therapy service was ideal because it meant that I didn’t have to leave my house to attend appointments. So I was able to feel comfortable talking online and usually made sure I’d made a cup of tea before logging on.”

At all times I felt respected for who I am, and was never lectured to about how much I was drinking. I received an enormous amount of support and encouragement to help cut my drinking down, and worked through strategies to put in place to help divert my attention onto other interests other than drinking.”

It’s with thanks to this service that I have successfully reduced my drinking from a bottle of wine 4 or 5 nights a week, to drinking half a bottle 4 nights a month. I am so grateful to have found Bright Eye and all my appreciation goes to the counsellor who helped me on my journey.”

Many thanks.

I came across this site because a small part of me refused to believe that life was so unbearably painful and difficult and that I was so useless and exhausted with dealing with this fact that the only way out was being drunk – as often as possible.

Therapy over the internet seemed a good option to me for practical reasons, but also because I felt less inhibited and embarrassed and because I felt that it might be easier to concentrate (fewer distractions). It also felt less threatening than being face to face with someone.”

“I expected to be lectured on the evils of drink, to be told that I should be grateful for all the good things in my life and/or to be fed platitudes. I could not have been more wrong: I met nothing but understanding and kindness. I expected the process to be excruciatingly painful. Not so: There were moments of pain but far more often counselling felt good and as the weeks passed, the good feelings stayed longer and longer. I expected having horrific withdrawal symptoms and unbearable cravings. It wasn’t ‘unbearable’, though I did backslide a few times and the cravings became fewer, shorter and less intense quite quickly.”

“That small part of me that refused to give in has now become a much larger part of me. It’s early days yet but I have made changes in my life I would not have believed possible a few weeks ago. I have learnt strategies to deal with real and perceived problems instead of ‘drowning’ them. I am beginning to accept my feelings and to take care of myself. My life has not only become bearable but actually enjoyable.”

I was honestly quite sceptical about the online approach at first, having only been to

‘one to one’ counselling in the past. I was crying for one hour, what an experience!!! But these

were tears of pain and also incredible relief. At last, the possibility to talk about my drinking problems with no fear, no criticism, no shame.

Over the weeks the crying and pain diminished and the feeling of self-confidence, strength and happiness grew. Not only by using some classic counselling methods and a lot of personal reflection, but also the practical cognitive tips to reduce my drinking. I found the approach understanding, non-judgemental and very human. It’s also totally confidential and affordable. And my counsellor was great, always on the ball, a real gem.

I have greatly reduced my intake of alcohol and carry on doing so progressively. My outlook on life is much more positive and I feel empowered to carry on with my goals.

I really recommend this experience to anybody who has an addiction problem or even just a doubt about their drinking.”

I used brighteye because I value anonymity and because I was too nervous to make a huge commitment. Perhaps for those reasons I found it very effective and the fees are set at a level where they don’t become a barrier to seeking more advice. I found out enough about myself to know what I need to do to control my drinking and by and large I now can control my drinking.”

Well I’m not living in England any more, but I needed some help to control my drinking, and I’m not exactly into that whole group-hug thing, so an online chat seemed ideal for me. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.”