About Bright Eye

About eight years ago, I realised that the internet offered a new way to deliver therapy, one which greatly reduced the discomfort of seeing a therapist in their office. So I launched this website, and it soon became clear that people appreciated the extra convenience of therapy via Skype.

I graduated as a Psychologist from the University of Plymouth in 1995, then did a Counselling Diploma (RSA), before going on to post-graduate training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at the University of Nottingham. I have worked in both NHS and public-sector rehabs in the UK for the past twelve years before focussing on online therapy. I overcame an alcohol problem myself fifteen years ago, so I do understand how it affects people, and I certainly don’t judge anyone for it.

Our therapists are all experienced in the treatment of alcoholism and mental health, qualified to at least degree level. We are based in the UK, and have a variety of experience, so whichever therapist makes the initial contact with you will provide full details of their own qualifications and background.

Tobin Hunt
Tobin HuntCBT Psychotherapist
Bright Eye Founder

Our emphasis is on identifying the cognitive and behavioural aspects of your alcohol problems, allowing you to reach a more informed position about your own situation. We will offer you ways of exploring the causes of your current habits, help you gain insight as to how you might change them and give you the tools to assist that change.

We will endeavour to motivate you, support you and encourage you to use the sessions to your advantage.

Please contact us if you have anything you’d like to ask, or read our frequently asked questions page.