Almost everyone drinks alcohol occasionally, but when does social drinking become alcoholism? Of course it will be different for each person, but quite commonly people will have numerous problems as a result of their alcohol consumption, before they ask themselves – “am I an alcoholic?”

If you’ve ever had ‘blackouts’ (memory loss), or if you’re often feeling hungover, if you tend to drink more alcohol than your friends, or often drink alone. If you tell yourself that you won’t have any alcohol today, but you still end up drinking. These may all be signs that you are developing a problem.

The signs of alcoholism include:

Craving – A strong need or urge to drink.

Loss of control – Not being able to stop once you have started.

Physical dependence – Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, confusion, depression, irritability and anxiety.

Tolerance – The need to drink greater amounts to be satisfied.

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