The following are situations which you might encounter and which may provoke cravings.
Only by being able to predict which situations are risky for you will you be able to avoid them or start reacting differently to them. In this way you can regain some control of your drinking.

Consider which would apply to you and tick the appropriate box. Add more if you can think of any.

Almost never Sometimes Often
When I pass a pub or off-licence  

When I’m with other people who are drinking
When I feel tense
When I have to meet people  

When I think that just one would cause no harm
When I feel depressed
When I’m not at work that day
When I feel happy  

When I have money to spend
When I feel myself getting angry
When I feel frustrated with my life  

When I feel tired
When I feel disappointed that other people have let me down
When I remember the good times I was drinking
When I’ve already had a drink