The following is a collection of Bright Eye addiction resources, articles and worksheets which you may
like to explore. You can use them to complement our sessions.

Alcoholism and Addiction Cognitive Worksheets

Cognitive Therapy for Alcohol Dependency – A detailed breakdown of the thought processes and habitual patterns you may have which contribute to your alcohol problems.

Alcohol and Depression – People drink alcohol to cope with depression, but of course that makes it even worse.

Alcohol, Addiction and Stress – Stress is where most alcohol problems arise from, addictions are usually fuelled by the stress in people’s lives.

Alcohol causes emotional problems, and those emotional problems tend to make people drink more. Are you caught in the loop?

Challenging negative thoughts – Dealing with the sometimes negative things you say to yourself which make it harder to change.

Cravings beliefs test – What you believe about your cravings will determine how strongly they affect you.

Cravings assignment – Planning how to cope with cravings BEFORE they happen is therefore crucial.

Motivation to Change – Simply weighing up the pros and cons of the changes you are making.

High risk situations – Work out the situations that are most likely to make you drink.

Self esteem test – How good do you feel about yourself?

SMART goals explained – It is essential that you set yourself some targets or goals in order to make changes.

Beliefs about drinking – Examine how your thoughts about your alcohol affect your decisions.

Cravings Again!

The consequences of your drinking – To maintain your motivation, it is necessary to be totally honest about what alcohol has done to your life.

Herbal Supplements for your Health

Planetary Herbals, Kudzu Recovery, 750 mg, 120 Tablets

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Read more about how Kudzu can help you stop drinking.

Links to other Websites

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