alcohol journalThis week the BBC monitored the drinking diaries of two typical professional people in their late twenties – both considered themselves to be health conscious and fit.

What emerged was a picture of what many people might consider ‘normal’ patterns of drinking in our culture. However, when their level of alcohol consumption was broken down into units it became apparent that both of them were drinking way in excess of recommended guidelines – 37 units for the woman and 112 units for the man.

They also demonstrated a significant level of ignorance about their drinking, and about the implications for their health. One of them actually said – “I don’t like getting drunk…” yet had consumed over 15 units per session on five days that week, and 25 units (as far as he could remember) on the Saturday! That’s about 8 pints of strong lager or nearly 3 bottles of wine. But he doesn’t like getting drunk – yeah, right!

However, a survey by YouGov also found that many people have no idea what the recommended safe alcohol consumption levels actually are (14 units per week for women and 21 for men), and very few were aware of the units of alcohol present in common drinks.

[Here’s a very handy units of alcohol calculator]

The thing which strikes you when you read the two diaries is that there are many people around drinking exactly the same amounts, yet believing that they don’t have a problem with alcohol.

Are you an alcoholic?