Low blood sugar levels cause alcohol cravings

low blood sugar creates alcohol cravingsOne of the things that can easily induce a craving for alcohol is low blood sugar. This can occur after a ‘rush’ of simple carbohydrates (sugar, processed wheat etc.), blood sugar levels quickly increase, then decrease again just as sharply.

It can also occur if you haven’t eaten anything for a long time – so don’t let yourself get too hungry!

The craving comes about because your body associates drinking alcohol with lots of quickly available carbohydrates, and that’s what it asks you for. So the one thing you need to do when you’re cutting down your alcohol intake, is keep your blood sugar levels fairly balanced.

You can prevent the low blood sugar, and hence the craving, by not eating so much sweet or processed food. Eat more fibre-rich whole foods, like wholemeal or granary bread, muesli or granola, fruit instead of chocolate (sorry!). And don’t forget those sugar-packed fizzy drinks, they’ve got to go too.

So next time you get a craving for alcohol, eat something instead – you’ll be amazed at how quickly that craving disappears. Just make it something healthy though, OK?

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  2. Kitties says:

    This article really helped me and made me think about when I was craving wine. I had a bad craving yesterday. And yes I hadn’t eaten, didn’t know that made a difference, I got to thinking after reading this and it’s happened before when I haven’t eaten, from now on I’m grabbing for a yogurt instead, will sure be better for me, thanks.

  3. So True says:

    this is so true! I noticed that when I go all day w/out food (not on purpose) I crave wine, but as soon as I eat, that craving goes away and I have no desire for wine at all…WOW!

  4. Zoe says:

    I typed in”why do I crave red wine on my period” and I happened on this site, thank you to all for being there for me to read and attempt to comprehend your and my situations. Being a “type O positive” with a gluten intolerance, in a GMO world is tough, and I understand the leaky gut stuff, but how did we get this far away from what we are “suuuuuuposed” to eat and drink?

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