alcohol and depressionTo beat depression, you must primarily deal with the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you. Of course this is exacerbated by the fact that…

Alcohol actually causes depression

Depression is not only caused by painful or stressful life events, but by our perception of those events. If we have positive and helpful thoughts about ourselves and our lives, then we tend to feel happier.

Thinking rationally can’t prevent painful things from happening to you, of course not. That is partially out of your control. But what is in your control are your own thoughts.

That doesn’t mean that depressed people are choosing to be that way either, only that they may not be fully aware of the effect of their thoughts on their moods.

Self criticism contributes to depression, but first you need to find out what those criticisms actually are. Make an effort to listen to your thoughts, and look out for anything negative, judgemental or critical. Listen out for ‘should’s and ‘ought’s in your stream of thoughts. They usually indicate that you are expecting different standards of behaviour from yourself, judging your current behaviour as inadequate, bad, stupid, etc.

This is bound to make you feel depressed

Ask yourself then, “how is this type of thought going to make me feel?” and “how could I think more helpfully about this?”

These negative thoughts are habitual though, you will have developed them over a long time, so they may be hard to even recognise or identify. And it will also take some practice to change them.

Make a choice about what you’re going to think about yourself and your life, don’t just passively accept whatever thoughts arise in you – they are not facts, they’re merely opinions.

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