Not everyone who has addiction problems decides (or needs) to be abstinent. But for those that do, a problem often expressed is – what about all my friends?

Of course, over years of drinking or using, people build up social circles and friendships which are often based partially on drinking or using. So what are people supposed to do with those friendships? How can an alcoholic continue to socialise with their friends when those people are still drinking? Especially when that person probably needs a lot of social support during the change process.

Letting go of old friends is something that most people just don’t want to do, and even if they don’t remove them from their lives, many addicts are worried that their friends won’t like them so much any more – they won’t think they are quite so much fun. Making new friends is just not that simple.

Unfortunately this is not a problem with an easy solution. Unless you want to give AA or NA meetings a try?